Security Token
Structuring as a Service

An end to end, technology-driven service that can turn a traditional asset into a security token that can be readied for trading on any supporting ATS.

Security Tokens

Security Tokens are eating the world of FinTech.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and their faster settlement, improved liquidity and reduced administrative burden is getting people excited about securitizing assets on the blockchain.

Security Tokens
Security Tokens

Securitizing assets on the Blockchain is not so simple as it sounds.

Not only do security tokens require extensive legal work prior to issuance, but they also require extensive technical configuration and administration in order to maintain compliance.

The SeriesX team can take your idea from conception to delivery, or assist with any point in between.

Our team of securities and contract lawyers, our technical team, and our issuance professionals can work with you every step of the way to help you bridge the gap between idea and issuance.

Security Tokens

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