Applications & Features

Our API's provide access to Stint information to power applications that support the ecosystem of Stints.

Axis Stint Locker

The Axis Stint locker is a shareable portfolio of your verified and unverified academic and employment history. Start by uploading your LinkedIn profile, and then obtain verifications from your current and former employers, academic institutions and business partners. Each verification request earns you stint credits - even requests that haven’t or can’t be verified.

Each job or assignment that you enter becomes a ‘Stint,’ and as you enter and verify more stints, you earn more credits, and your employment story becomes more credible. Employers can use SeriesX to search for the best candidates for their open positions, so the more you add, the more likely someone will find you.

Axis XVault

To compliment the recording and management of the normalized employment and education, the Axis Vault helps you when it comes managing corporate diligence, recording, sharing and storing the many and varied agreements that you have across the organization to answer the question, are you complete?

The Axis Vault helps you assign the documentation rules around each associate type, taking into account their role, office location, and even international requirements.

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