How does it work?

Our APIs provide access to verified smart contracts to power applications that support the ecosystem of Stints

The Stint

stint: a fixed or limited period of time spent doing a particular job or activity

cambridge dictionary

SeriesX Stints represent concrete and verifiable time-bound accomplishments, past and present, and embody the experiences that make you who you are—your real identity. A Stint captures a relationship between two parties, called owners (i.e., employee/employer, student/college). An agreed-upon assignment as an employee is a typical Stints. Stints that are verified are weighted and rewarded more than those that are unverified.


StintCoin is awarded to organizations and individuals that contribute work to the development of the database.organizations may also consume the product of that work. StintCoin is the essential reward as well as the fuel for the SeriesX Platform. This token is created through a number of human-generated activities, such as verification of employment and academic history. Stintcoin and tokens can be awarded for a number of actions that aid the growth and health of decentralized community of SeriesX members.

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