SeriesX FAQ

Basic certification and verification functions

What is a Stint?

A Stint is a container of structured employment, academic, experience, or relationship data. It captures a piece of your history for easy verification and sharing. Examples of Stints include jobs, school attendance and degrees, relationships with other verified members, even family.

What is certification?

Certification is the process of attesting to the truth of a Stint, by adding a Stint ID and a cryptographic signature from the certifier to the blockchain.

What is verification?

Verification is the process of confirming that a Stint was certified, by reading the blockchain and checking the values of the Stint ID and signatures for certification.

Why should I have my Stint certified?

A certified Stint tells those whom you share your profile with that the information in that Stint is factual and can be quickly and independently verified via the blockchain. This will raise your credibility versus others whose information has not been certified.

If I can’t contact a past employer, can I still have my Stint certified?

There will be some other paths to certification that will not be as strong, such as attestation by colleagues that were are at the company at the same time. There may be some employment that you may not be able to have certified

Can I find my colleagues in the network?

Yes. You can run searches in the SeriesX network.

Can I invite others to join?

Yes. We encourage you to invite others to join the network. If persons you invite are new to the network, you will be eligible for SeriesX Rewards.

Can I share my profile to others?

Yes. You will have control over what information in your profile is shared and with whom.

How does a SeriesX Axis Profile compare to a resume?

A resume provides you with a way to market your experience but does speak to the truth or accuracy of the information. A SeriesX Axis Profile speak to truth and accuracy first, which is of primary importance to employers

What is the incentive for a company to certify?

Through the process of certification, Companies and Organizations create a long-tail alumni database that can be used for contact and analysis purposes. This database can fuel HR performance assessment systems, ease HR platform migrations, and speed due diligence and M&A. SeriesX associate databases also create a repository of prior associates (all classes of employees, contractors, advisors) that can serve as the basis for a ‘neutral reference platform’ to avoid the liability and cost of answering and providing references for current and former associates.

Besides the wide-ranging data benefits of an up-to-date database, SeriesX also rewards companies for their certification activities.

Implementing SeriesX also prepares companies for the coming payments revolution. In the near future, Companies will be saving money and reducing fees by paying their contractors and non-W2 associates via cryptocurrencies. SeriesX helps jumpstart that process.

How long does a certification take to process?

A certification can take a minute, or a month depending on how quickly a system or notary responds.

What happens when a certification request isn’t completed?

The Stint remains in an uncertified state. It can still be shared. The respective organization and individuals are periodically reminded and the system maintains a ‘Triage’ listing of incomplete actions that need to be closed.

Can I correct a certification?

Yes! You can change the information in a Stint that was certified. Changing the information voids any previous certification. After making changes you must make a new certification request.

What kinds of jobs or events can be certified?

Any job, no matter the duration, location or industry can be certified as long as there are two independent parties that can attest to the Stint.

Can I certify previous positions?

All positions can be certified if there are authorities (notaries, or other certified personnel) capable of each attestation. It may be impractical or unnecessary to certify positions in the distant past.

Other Questions

Can I delete my account?

Yes you can delete your account at any time. Your stint certifications will remain on the blockchain, even after you delete your account.

Can I connect to other people?

Yes you can search for and connect with other members of SeriesX in the system.

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